Running in Stilettos

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Running in Stilettos

Red Stilettos, #2

I loved reading Running in Stilettos, I laughed, shook my head, growled, got angry and had some weird looks shot at me by my sister.

Ava’s relationship to the dog, Gus, had me cracking up in a big way. I cannot wait to read Darlene and Colton’s story in Dancing in Stilettos. We got a glimpse of them in this book but it was only a taste. I’m glad that she and Ava became friends; it started out a little rocky but after a night adventure of gardening it got better. I also look forward to Ava and Audrey's wedding in Married in Stilettos: A Christmas Wedding.

Ava is the type of person who speaks her mind and gives off this air of confidence. In reality she has a sweet heart and is easily hurt by what people say and do to her, even though she doesn't’ show it. She’s in Boise to look after her twin sister, Audrey’s, house and take care of her dog. When she meets gorgeous single dad Rod and his three sons, her life gets interesting. Rod is a school principal and between that and his kids he has no time to spare. When Ava comes into his life she not only listens to what he has to say but she loves his kids and puts fun back into Rod’s life. When Rod’s ex meets Ava she brings out the big guns and tries for full custody of the kids, an act that turns Rod’s and Ava’s lives upside down.

Book Blurb for Running in Stilettos

A life she never knew she wanted...

Jet setter Ava Thompson is forced to spend the summer stuck in suburban hell to take care of her sister's house and dog, but cooks up some fun seducing the sexy single dad next door, never expecting to discover a life she never knew she wanted.

A love he never knew he needed...

It doesn't take much arm twisting for single father Rod Stetson to be talked into a no-strings affair with his sinfully sexy neighbor because he misses the excitement and passion of his youth. But he certainly doesn't expect to fall in love with her, nor is he prepared when his ex-wife uses his relationship with Ava against him when she sues for full custody of their three boys.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2015 4.50