Protecting the Prince

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Protecting the Prince

A Wyn Security Novel

Eliam was a pain in the butt. He was arrogant, didn't like being told what to do and did things his own way. He just got control of his family business only to find out that somebody wants him dead, he gets even prissier when he’s encouraged to hire a bodyguard.

Winter owns a security business and when an old friend calls asking for help with a client she can’t say no. From the time she guards him to the end of the book there is nothing but adventure, adrenaline rush, bullets, Russians, contract killers, I mean really you name it, it’s practically in here.

The plot was clear and concise. Dana Volney did a good job portraying both characters and their unique ways. They were built for each other but like all relationships it needed work.

I enjoyed reading this book very much. Winter playing two roles was interesting but I had a feeling it would catch up with her later and it did. I won’t giveaway and spoilers but one thing that pissed her off involved her house. Winter and Eliam had to work together to figure things out and in the process decide if they trust each other or not.

Book Blurb for Protecting the Prince

Eliam Prince is finally where he wants to be in his late father's shipping enterprise: at the helm and ready to navigate. However, when a mysterious car tries to run him off the road on his first day as CEO, it's clear he needs a personal bodyguard--even if the idea annoys him to no end.

Winter Wyn has built a thriving personal security business after surviving a horrific tour in the Middle East. Eliam is just a routine middle-of-the-night call--until she arrives at his penthouse, where it's clear her strict policy of not mixing business and pleasure with her clients is in serious trouble. Keeping this man safe--from sabotage, blackmailers, assassins, and his own stubborn pride--isn't nearly as hard as protecting her own heart.

But as the stakes rise, Eliam and Winter have no choice but to break all the rules if they want to survive. Fans of Castle will love the sparks that fly on this most unlikely couple's journey to their happily ever after.

Sensuality Level: Sensual

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 3.50