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Paper Lipstick

"Paper Lipstick" is the first book in the series, Inked to the Max. The cover was the first thing that caught my attention. The description sealed the deal. Anything with tattoos and female artists is something I always want to read. That being said, with "Paper Lipstick" I had to put this down and come back to it later. The cursing and vulgarity in this book was a little much. I’m all for expressing yourself but Max and Deck take it a little too far. I felt like every other sentence was full of it and the first run through I had to stop because I felt it took away from the story. When I came back and read it again I knew what to expect so it was easier for me to get through the book.

I love how unapologetic Max aka Rebecca Robbins is. She takes no prisoners and just let’s the world know this is her. She had me feeling so many emotions it wasn’t even funny. I liked that in certain situations I could connect with her. The people she surrounds herself with are interesting but you better be careful when you enter her shop on game day. She ain’t afraid to do some damage.

Deck’s role in this whole situation was interesting too. His dad cracks me up and doesn't play. Deck is very protective of the people he loves and I enjoyed the name he coined for Bliss. From the first moment he stepped into her shop the game was afoot. I loved every second of them and the journey they went through. Some things were hard but they were tough as nails and I loved the support they gave each other.

I love how the author put in deleted scenes at the end. It gives you more insight into certain things that went on and gave more information. This is the first author I’ve come across who has done this and I loved it.

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Book Blurb for Paper Lipstick

Lipstick kisses and caviar dreams don’t have a place in my life or his.

~ Max (Rebecca Robbins)

I'm a bad ass bitch. It's a truth of mine. I live it and breathe that shit. No, I'm not conceited or full of myself. It's just something I've discovered over the years.

I'm damn good by myself, always have been, always will. What I didn't know is I can be improved upon.

Enter the equally bad ass and hella charismatic Deckard Camden. Who, the hell, told him to be this jaw-droppingly gorgeous, mountain of a man, in comparison to my little self, projecting a wall of defense that rivals my own?

Nobody prepared me for the sensual words that would fall from his lips or the massive ... peace he would bring to my life.

Damn sure didn't get me ready to be Deckard Camden's wife … wait, what?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2018 4.00