Over the Line

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Over the Line

Alpha Ops, #2

Tammer, I wonder how the author came up with that name, is Beth’s kooky little sister. She’s the little sister who would have been left alone in the world if James hadn’t had the courage to risk his own butt and save Beth’s life when she got hit by a bullet in Afghanistan. Beth has just finished therapy and been approved to go back to work when she gets asked by James to spend the weekend rock climbing. Beth has a sure career path, get back on duty, spend a little time on deployment and then off to the CIA. Those plans seem to be in trouble when James hears his sisters have been getting threatening e-mails. Boy is Beth surprise to find out who his family is and that his dad is the director of the CIA. Right about now she’s hoping nothing goes wrong.

James didn’t see it as a duty when he saved Beth, he just had to get to her. Being shot twice himself, he knows a bullet is not fun. Taking Beth home for his sister’s wedding as his “fake” fiancé wasn't the brightest plan he ever had, but in the end it works out and he gets his badass soulmate to match his other half.

I really enjoyed reading this and it was not only funny but believable. The sex scenes were steamy as hell and holy crap do they have chemistry. James was like a teenage boy around her and it was kind of cute. I’m glad they got over mistaken situations, because they are good for each other. This is a book I have no problem putting my stamp on and recommending.

Book Blurb for Over the Line

Fasten your seatbelt--Emmy Curtis returns with the second book in her high-octane Alpha Ops romantic suspense series. If you love authors like Suzanne Brockmann, Pamela Clare, Julie Ann Walker or Cindy Gerard, you won't want to miss this one. JUST HOW FAR WILL HE GO . . .

Army Special Forces Sergeant Beth Garcia owes James Walker big-time for saving her life in Afghanistan. So the least she can do is agree to be his rock-climbing partner. After a year of physical therapy, she's finally eligible for deployment again, and what better way to celebrate than a weekend with a sexy Air Force hero? She's prepared to kick his ass at climbing-until James reveals what he really has in mind . . .

Pretending to be engaged wasn't the most brilliant idea James ever had. Neither was dragging Beth to his sister's wedding. The competitive tomboy is a far cry from the type of woman his family usually pushes on him. Yet Beth is more exciting than anyone he's ever met, and James has a feeling that if he can get her in bed, she'll blow his mind. They're just supposed to be acting-but as the wedding weekend wears on, Beth and James have a fighting chance at something real and much more lasting . . .

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2014 4.50