Out of the Cold

This story was truly inspiring and I love how gentle and caring Mel was with Leah during the sex scene. She could have easily lost her temper or made fun of Leah but she was patient and showed Leah what to do. This book is on the erotic side but it is well worth the read and I highly, highly recommend it.

Out of the Cold is totally amazing and awesome. Mel and Leah go through so much and in the end find love. Mel finds Leah on the side of the road, stops and puts her in her car. Leah wakes up sometime later and freaks out, but she calms when she realizes Mel isn’t going to hurt her. Mel takes Leah to her hotel room and tries to undress Leah so she can take a bath and Leah is just not having it. It takes a while for Leah to realize that Mel just wants to help. Things get a little crazy the next morning when Leah sees Mel in the bathroom saying her morning prayers and realizes she’s not only Muslim but a marine who has the same tattoo as her father. They not only get to know each other but Mel winds up taking Leah to her place in Seattle when she realizes Leah has no place to go. Mel works for NCIS and because of her contacts has someone who works with her look into Leah’s father. While this is going on Mel and Leah get close and Mel realizes that Leah is punishing/hurting herself because she is gay. Mel sets out to make Leah see that being gay is not bad.

Book Blurb for Out of the Cold

Plagued by guilt over her own desires, one young woman is forced to face who she is and how she feels when she finds herself undeniably attracted to another woman. J.J. Hamilton presents a moving, passionate romance of two strangers who find they have something in common – each other. Out of the Cold will be a welcome addition to your contemporary romance library.

Leah is a runaway, alone in the world by her own choice. Ashamed of her own desires and afraid of what they mean, she tries to force herself to change. Brilliant yet naive, sweet yet shy, resilient yet timid, she sinks deeper and deeper into misery.

Until she meets Mel.

Mel is everything Leah is not: experienced, bold, successful, and, above all, comfortable. Drawn to Leah's kind nature and sad story, Mel tries desperately to help Leah make peace with herself, overcome her fear, and come out of the cold.

Content Notes: Spicy, Contemporary, FF, GLBT, Multi-Cultural

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 5.00