Never Forgotten

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Never Forgotten

Cherokee Valley, #2

You're taken in by Never Forgotten from the first page but when I got to chapter two I realized this might be a sequel. I looked up the author’s name and there is a book before this that tells Lilah’s story called Distant Obsession. Even though there are parts where you're unsure, Never Forgotten is easy to read and it is focused on Ashley, Lilah’s sister.

Ashley woke up from a coma in the hospital, after being pushed off a cliff. Her eyesight is a little iffy, all she sees is blurred but it gets better every day. She doesn’t like being in the hospital room by herself, has nightmares, and gets some well meant sister time with Lilah. Ashley has very vivid dreams that she later figures out actually happened. One incident involves a very special tree. Dale is the prince charming who found her and saved her life, now he meets her in the hospital and he has a job for her when she gets out.

I found Dale’s reaction so cute when he went to see her for the first time in the hospital, you would have thought this was his first date. Ashley is funny and kind of vain, she hates to wear her glasses. She’s almost childlike when it comes to her unicorn, who she lovingly calls Pinkie, but very adult and kind of vulgar when she gives herself a slap. On one occasion she told herself to stop it, “you’re not a rutting pig.”

She is an interesting person and is confused as to why Dale is not jumping her or responding to her every time they meet. It was really funny how I was waiting to see how she would respond to his daughter, Nikki, if they ever had a face-to-face meeting. I got a smile when she did meet Nikki as Dale was driving her home from work. Nikki is a fireball and is not afraid to ask questions, you can tell she’s adventurous and has no fear.

Book Blurb for Never Forgotten

Ashley Johnson suffers a near death tragedy at the hands of a hit man, but she survives. Injured and battered, she does her best to recover and find some normalcy in her day to day affairs. But one obstacle gets in her way—she’s forced to mend the broken lives of two people she’s never met and driven to solve a mystery spurred by the first act of young love. In the process, her world becomes entangled by second chances, and confused by baffling leads and dark turns, until she discovers the truth behind what happened at Painters Cliff twelve years ago. The revelations crack her foundation, and finally threaten her very existence until an unseen element steps in.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2015 4.00