Nauti Seductress

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Nauti Seductress

Nauti Girls, #3

The Nauti series just gets better and better and Lora didn’t disappoint with this one either. Seeing Dawg get a taste of his own medicine was hilarious, his sister will do what they want and try as he might he really can’t control them. I was introduced to Zoey in Nuati Enchantress and found her interesting, all the sisters are really. The things that Zoey has to deal with in this book are scary and a lesser person would have indeed up in a mental institution. I mean really what do you do when your mind's plays tricks on you? How do you cope when you’re not sure if you can trust yourself? These are questions Zoey has to deal with, she will have to separate truth from fiction to find out what really happened to Harley and if she really did kill anyone.

Samantha Bryce, Sam to others in town is a truly fascinating character and I hope that Lora does a story on her. I want to know everything, her story and how she got involved with the sisters in the first place besides being Lyrica’s neighbor. She’s a force to be reckoned with but once she puts her mind on something she’s like a dog with a bone, she protects it with her life.

Doogan is something else altogether too, he was there that night Sam found Zoey outside in the cold, her helped calm her down. Now he’s back in town, back in Zoey’s life and he’s not going anywhere despite what Dawg or his cousins say. Zoey is his whether she knows it or not and she’s about to find out how serious he takes that vow. I read this story in about two days and was just sucked in. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to be taken on a physical and psychological adventure.

Side note: You will get a very interesting look into Chaya's life towards the end and watch her world spin. It was a shocking surprise and I hope that Lora will go more into it in the next book.

Book Blurb for Nauti Seductress

#1 New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh delivers the heat with another steamy novel featuring the Mackay sisters, following Nauti Enchantress and Nauti Temptress.

Zoey Mackay is as tough and savvy as anyone. But when an unknown assailant slips her a psychoactive drug, she descends into a literal nightmare of violence and blood. And even after she wakes, the horror haunts her, spurring her to learn how to defend herself. But her defense may not be enough for a different kind of opponent.

Enigmatic Homeland Security honcho Chatham Bromleagh Doogan is a man with power and the will to use it. When he rescues Zoey from the depths of her drug-induced delirium, he swears to find the bastards who almost destroyed her spirit and make them pay. 

But when the shadowy threat returns, will Zoey and Doogan have the strength to hold onto each other and survive the coming storm?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2015 4.50