Low Tide

Rarity Cove Book Two

Carter suffered greatly from a life and death situation, when he recovers enough to travel he goes home to South Carolina. I understand the urge because that’s where his family is. Even though he may not admit it, he’s got a huge support system there that will always have his back. He may think he went there to rest and have some quite but I think he really wanted to be around family as well. When Quinn come into the picture there is some tension but they were able to work it out and Carter allowed Quinn to be his physical therapist. Quinn’s situation with her soon to be ex-husband was kind of scary and I’m glad he got what’s coming to him.

Being in a stalker situation is never fun and it’s scary as hell. I envy anyone who's able to come out on top of that and say fuck you, I’m gonna survive, I am a survivor. Things got crazy for both Quinn and Carter for a while but they were able to deal. You never know who the true attacker is until the end. Low Tide involves betrayal, hurt, anger, picking yourself back up and learning to love and trust again. I could not stop reading this book and wound up finishing it in one sitting.

Book Blurb for Low Tide


Hollywood leading man Carter St. Clair had it all—until a brutal stalker attack nearly takes his life. Seriously injured, he returns to his hometown of Rarity Cove, South Carolina, to recover in private, his outlook on fame forever changed by someone claiming to be his “number-one fan.”

Physical therapist Quinn Reese fled San Francisco to be free of her soon-to-be ex-husband, professional football player Jake Medero. Staying at her mother’s house in Rarity Cove seems like her only option until she can get back on her feet financially. When the St. Clair family makes her a lucrative offer of employment, Quinn sees the potential for starting over, even if it means working with Carter, who broke her heart years ago.

As Carter heals under Quinn’s care, a fragile bond forms between them. Carter also recognizes a parallel between his own stalker and the possessive pro baller who considers Quinn his property. But even as Carter steps into the role of Quinn’s protector, another dangerous storm is brewing…one for which neither of them is prepared.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2017 4.00