Loving Vivienne

The Publicist, Book 5

Going on holiday with your girls is a great way to relax and just have fun. Vivienne has the whole trip planned and why not take her two best girls? When they take a trip to Costa Rica she winds up meeting a very handsome doctor who saves her from drowning. As they get to know each other it’s great and the sex is amazing. When Vivienne’s vacation is over things change. He world is ripped apart and turned upside down when she finds out her sexy doctor; Daniel, is the son of the man who hurt her older brother.

Loving Vivienne was an interesting read, I really enjoyed it and Christina George wrote a story that not only flowed well but the plot was very clear. I liked how she told different points of view, it was almost like two stories in one. It told Vivienne's story and what she was going through but tit also told her brother's story and the history behind the hatred when it comes to Daniel's’ dad, Mac Ellis.

Book Blurb for Loving Vivienne

What happens when you fall in love with a man you can never have?

Vivienne has it all, a successful writing career, a hit movie, a life most women dream of. The only thing missing is someone to share it with. So when a handsome, successful doctor saves her from near death, Vivienne is certain she’s finally met the man of her dreams… Until she discovers who he is… or rather who his father is. The man who single-handedly tore apart her brother’s life. Can she put the past behind her? Will she choose family over love? Or will she lose the man she feels destined to be with?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2017 3.50