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Whiskey Sharp, #2

Lauren Dane has always been one of my favorites and she does not disappoint with this series. "Jagged" is the second book in the Whiskey Sharp series and it’s amazing. The characters go through so much and if you need to you can read this by itself and still keep up with what’s going on. Rachel’s story is separate from her sister’s but it still mingles because the sisters are so close and their guys are related.

Vicktor is just a sweetheart and there were times when I really just wanted to hug him. He’s a protector down to his soul and as soon as he caught Rachel’s eyes he was hooked. I absolutely LOVE his family, especially his mother. They all crack me up and the discussions they get into at the dinner table are priceless. Rachel is strong, weary, and doesn’t know who to trust after an incident that put her in the hospital. Despite what she’s been through she lives everyday instead of giving up. Her parents on the other hand just need a real good beat down. I don’t say this often but man were they a pain in the ass.

I do love that she has a support system in place and can I just say that sisterly love rocks. Her sister, Maybe is awesome and I loved her from the very first page of Unraveled, book one in the series. She’s a force unto herself and though she takes too much on sometimes, she kicks ass and takes names when needed.

The story flowed well and I was taken in from the very first page. Vicktor and Rachel built each other up instead of tearing each other down and I admired that. I can’t wait to read what happens next; in the third and final book of the series, "Torn". You will get a preview of the first 4 chapters. This is a book I highly recommend.

Book Blurb for Jagged

The sweetest reward comes after the longest wait

Vicktor Orlov took one look at the wary gaze and slow-to-trust personality of the deliciously sexy and fascinating Rachel Dolan and knew he wanted more than just a casual friendship. But as a natural protector, he also knew bossiness and overprotective maneuvering would push her away. He’ll use every tool in his easygoing arsenal to convince her to take a chance on them.

Rachel’s flourishing new career as a tattoo artist has brought color back into a life previously damaged by violence. She knows she can trust Vic—it’s herself she’s not sure of. She doesn’t want to be caged or controlled, protected so much she has no ability to make her own choices. And damn if the man doesn’t know it.

When Vic finally drops all pretenses of “just friends” and focuses all his careful affection and irresistible seduction on her, Rachel knows she’s falling hard for the laid-back pretty-boy Russian she’s discovered has a relentlessly steel spine when it comes to her.

And she can’t resist.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2018 4.50