His Secret Superheroine

A St. Louis Superheroes Novel

I loved His Secret Superheroine. It was funny, adventurous and kept my attention to the last page. Peyton is such a sweetheart and really just wanted to live her life in peace. Thanks to her no good ex Captain Fantastic, that’s not going to happen. He exchanged her birth control pills with the super stuff and now she’s a super hero herself, code name fantastigirl. She has a very ornery cat, super hero friends, a very sexy guy and his cute daughter that live across the street. She is now being evicted from her house.

Dylan has always thought superheroes were bad and that they were unable to control themselves around others. When he finds out that the woman he loves and brought into his house and around his daughter is one he flips out. It doesn't help that she lifted his ex-wife, Aria, up into the air and threatened to drop her, right in front of him. Peyton is pushed through a wall by Captain Fantastic and ends up in the hospital. His daughter gets taken from her school by Aria he has no problem. He soon is accepting not only Peyton’s help but the help of the other super heroes as well.

Book Blurb for His Secret Superheroine

All kindergarten teacher Peyton Pearson wants is a nice, quiet life. Unfortunately, quiet isn't something she's had a lot of after tainted medicine turns her into a superhero. She's single, and saving the city from criminals—which is increasingly dangerous as the anti-superhero movement in St. Louis gains traction. Then there's her hot next door neighbor who makes her think super-dirty thoughts, and has no idea who she really is. 

Police officer Dylan Wilson is trying to make the world safe by working to unmask all superheroes. When his sexy neighbor, Peyton, is evicted, Dylan offers her his spare room, unknowingly opening his home—and his heart—to the city's most reluctant superhero.

Can love survive when the masks come off?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2014 4.50