Hidden Away

There were many twists and turns in “Hidden Away”. Some were expected and some weren’t. Lia has led an interesting life and she’s not attached by labels or boundaries. She is who she is and I loved that about her. She may be reclusive and a little timid but Scotty brings her to life and it was great to see. Though she has a stalker, Scotty shows her that she doesn’t have to live her life in fear and that it’s OK to have fun and laugh again.

Scotty is a good guy and loves Lia. I thought it was great that he didn’t give up and stayed in her life. When they get to the point where Lia tells him her secrets he had the choice to either run or stay with her and fight. They each deal with different things and I think it made them stronger. The sex scenes singed the pages.

Book Blurb for Hidden Away

Reclusive romance author Lia Hudson is hiding from a stalker. She must step out of the shadows to pursue a chance to bring her books to television. This is her dream come true, but will her nightmare follow her?

Scotty Gold never saw himself as anything other than a ball player. Besides Lia’s arms, he only feels like himself at home plate. When a concussion brings his season--and possibly his career--to an early end, he’s forced to imagine a future he’s never considered. Lia could be in that vision if she wanted more than a friend-with-benefits arrangement.

For two years their situation worked fine. She was prepared to let him go if that’s what it took for him to be happy. But then Lia’s long-lost stalker catches up to them, and Scott might not have a future to worry about. When Lia recognizes her true feelings for Scott, will love be enough to save him?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2016 3.50