Heart Strike

Delta Force, #2

M.L. Buchman is such an amazing writer and “Heart Strike” just improves on his powers. This is the second book in the “Delta Force” series. I had the great pleasure of reading the first one and fell in love with the series. “Heart Strike” just makes me want to read more and is a great addition to “Delta Force”.

Melissa and Richie’s reaction to each other was really sweet. I loved how their relationship developed but it wasn’t just about the romance / love story. You have real missions going on, people getting hurt or killed, evasion, dealing with the enemy and so much more. I really can't wait to read the next book in the “Delta Force” series.

M.L. is one of my favorite authors and his fight and battle scenes are so real I feel like I’m actually there. I love how he finds a way to throw Michael in the loop too, that was pretty cool. I highly recommend this book for someone who's not afraid of a little kickass with their adventure and love.

Book Blurb for Heart Strike

DELTA FORCE: The deadliest elite counter-terrorism unit on the planet

• A precision strike force

• The most out-of-the-box thinkers in any military

• Will die to get the mission done

SERGEANT RICHIE “Q” GOLDMAN: The smartest soldier on any team

SERGEANT MELISSA “THE CAT” MOORE: Newest on the team, determined to be the best

Rescued from an icy mountaintop by a Delta operative, Melissa Moore has never met a challenge she can’t conquer. Not only she will make Delta Force, she will be the best female warrior in The Unit, and woe to anyone who says otherwise. Technical wizard Richie Goldman is Bond’s “Q” turned warrior. A genius about everything except women, he takes point on the team’s most dangerous mission yet. When the Delta Force team goes undercover in the depths of the Colombian jungle, surviving attacks from every side requires that Richie and Melissa strike right at the heart of the matter…and come out with their own hearts intact.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2016 5.00