Gray's Promise

A King Security Novel Book 2

Man this book, "Gray's Promise" chewed me up, spit me back out and completely destroyed me. Anni Fife sure knows how to tell a compelling story. I felt for both characters in this book. Zoey and Gray have gone through so much that not even halfway through I was cheering for them. Zoey is suffering from anxiety and nightmares due to an event that happened in her past. She figures by going home it will help but first she needs Gray’s help.

Gray has done his share of suffering and all he wants to do is forget. It gets a little hard when the face that involves his sufferenting comes back into his life wanting his help. Is he really willing to let himself suffer more? Can he face the pain of the past? Or will he just tell Zoey to get out of his life for good?

This book had me so emotional. Right when I thought I knew what was going on or what was going to happen, it changed on me. I have no problem recommending this great read.

The first book in the King Security series is called "Luke’s Redemption", it tells Katya and Luke’s story.

You also get a preview of "Passion Unscripted" by Anya Sharpe.

Book Blurb for Gray's Promise

Zoey Morgan seems to have it all as a successful surgeon in Boston. However, perfection lies only on the surface. Plagued by nightmares and amnesia from a tragedy that ripped her family from her fourteen years ago, she finds the courage to reach out to the only man who can make her feel safe. She’s buried the memory of their love, but her heart—and her body—responds to the ex-marine in ways that are all too familiar.

Grayson “Gray” Walker’s heart shattered when Zoey chose another man over him. Since then, he’s built an impenetrable wall around his emotions. But from the moment she implodes back into his life, her vulnerability breaches his defenses. His skills as an elite member of the King Security team cannot shield him from the devastation of learning he might have left Zoey high and dry when she needed him most. Now, Gray must navigate the tripwire of helping her heal while protecting himself from being hurt again.

As the embers of their potent love reignite, an old threat awakens, leading to greater danger than ever before.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2018 4.00