Get On

Get On is quite the amusing read. The motorcycle theme made it even better, I love them. I also love the fact that Mia is a piercer. I have always found that and tattoo artist very interesting.

The way the book started out had me laughing like crazy. Mia is sassy and refuses to be pushed around. This part of her personality is shown when she has a male an arrogant male customer. He tried to flirt with her when he told her he wanted his cock pierced. He later regretted it when she didn't even blink, just took him to the back and proceeded to show him pictures of the different piercings he could choose from. She was in the driver’s seat.

Mia and our hero Garrett meet up at an illegal street race. The cops show up and Mia winds up jumping onto the back of his bike. From there the true adventure for both of them begins. The sexual tension between them is amazing and the mystery behind Garrett wanting his revenge was overwhelming.

If you enjoy motorcycles and contemporary erotic romance, pick this book up!

Book Blurb for Get On

Only Mia Bartholomew could attend a body mod convention and end up at an illegal street race, running from the boys in blue. So what’s a hot-blooded Latina piercer to do? Jump on the first motorcycle out of there, that’s what. She’s got a career to think about, after all.

Of course, that motorcycle would have to belong to a crazy-cute ex-cop with a broken heart and a burning vendetta. Garrett Long’s former girlfriend was a casualty of his last case. He won’t rest until he punishes her murderer, a drug-running trust-fund kid with the DA in his pocket.

Garrett and Mia try to go their separate ways, but their animalistic attraction simply won’t fade. And the sex? Best. Ever. Though their fiery passion really couldn’t have picked a worse time to flare—Garrett’s target is upping his game, leaving him with a choice. Die for revenge? Or live for Mia?

A Romantica® contemporary erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 4.00