Forsaken Before You

Before You trilogy Book 2

"Forsaken Before You" is the second book in the Before You trilogy and continues on from where we left off in Alone Before You. Gwen’s relationship with Heather and Gabe is interesting considering Heather partially forced Gwen to be her friend in the first book. I love the scene where she walks in on them in the lounge room, talk about priceless. I’ve wanted to know more about Heather and why Gabe is so protective of her and I’m hoping that they will get their own book soon.

Gwen is dealing with some serious questions and life changing decisions in "Forsaken Before You" and I love how the author opened up the book. It was an easy read and the though there was a lot going on the initial plot was clear. I felt so much for Gwen in this book because even though she has moments where she’s happy, she’s still suffering from her past. She’s surrounded by people who love and care for her and yet, she has a hard time truly believing it. She struggles with so much and once a threat from her past comes to light she has to decide if she’s going to stay and fight or run away from her new life to protect those she’s grown to care about.

At the end of "Forsaken Before You", you will get to read an excerpt from the last book in the trilogy, "Empty Before You"; which I hope I get a chance to read.

Book Blurb for Forsaken Before You

Gwen Taylor moved to Beauforde, Colorado, to start anew and to forget her past. But what she didn’t count on was Colton Underwood, a businessman and amateur boxer.

The connection between them took her by surprise, as did the intensity of their affair. But, despite all Gwen’s efforts to keep their relationship casual, she finds herself growing attached to him.

Never one to trust easily, Gwen must question if all her new-found friendships are genuine, and if the past she’s running from can destroy everything she’s built.

Drowning with guilt over something she cannot change, Gwen must face her fears before it all catches up to her.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2017 4.00