Big Sky Cowboys, 2

Flynn - Big Sky Cowboys, 2 was cute and an eye opener. It also confirmed the fact that a mother’s love, a parent’s love, has no bounds.

This story opens up with Natalie being summoned by Jon, the father of her baby. She is told that he’s dying and he wants her to look for their child. Natalie being the decent person she is, promises to not only find their baby but to give it the letter that Jon leaves.

Natalie winds up hiring a private investigator because her parents, her mother mainly, won’t tell her anything. She finds out that not only was her baby a little girl but that she lives in Montana. When she gets there the adventure begins.

She meets Emily’s (her daughter) father Flynn and finds out that Emily has Down’s syndrome. She falls in love with Flynn and is kicked out of the state by Flynn when he finds out she’s Emily’s biological mother. She ends up coming back when they think Emily has run away. She has to work towards acceptance into the family. Will she end up with a proposal…from both Flynn and Emily?

I truly loved this story and it was worth the read. I know dealing with a child with disabilities is hard, but Natalie and Flynn pull it off. They don’t let Emily’s condition define her, smother her because of it or let her get away with things because of it. To them she’s a normal teenager who gets hormonal during her period, and has temper tantrums when she’s frustrated or doesn’t get her way. Though they had help from Marie, Flynn’s mother, and Emily; Flynn and Natalie made it through and found true love. It also helps that they are compatible sexually.

Book Blurb for Flynn

Marie Malone saw a shooting star in the Montana sky and knows that means she’s granted three wishes. She wants her three sons to find true love…

Natalie Stevens got pregnant while she was in high school and her mother forced her to give up the baby. She’s often wondered about the child and when Jon, the baby’s birth father, summons her to the hospice where he’s spending his last days, he asks that she find their child.

Flynn Malone’s been a single father to Emily for thirteen years. He’s tried dating but no woman seems to understand that they have to love Emily as much as they do him. When Natalie’s car heads into a ditch outside his property, she takes an instant liking to his daughter. Flynn thinks he’s finally found a woman who might stick around and be there for both him and Emily.

Natalie had every intention of telling Flynn who she really is, but when she sees Emily and that she’s a special needs child, she can’t bring herself to reveal her true identity.

Is Natalie the woman Flynn’s been waiting all his life for or will her deception keep them apart?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 5.00