Exposed by Rage

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Exposed by Rage

Deadly Exposure, #1

Ashley has been judged all her life. When she reluctantly partners up with Michael to find out what happened to someone she loves, she gets drawn into a world of snuff films. This includes buildings getting burnt down; love, and there are two crazy people who are not right in the head. Ashley’s life has made her strong and her stint in the military has just made her stronger. She has a lot of patience for crazy from growing up around a mother like Trixie. I have no idea how Ashley survived to adulthood.

Porn is an interesting industry and many people are fascinated by it. I think it was really great and unique that the author came at it from the point of view of a child growing up with a mother who was a porn star. Ashley made a couple comments that let you into the world she grew up in and her connections helped her and Michael solve a case. Even though Michael and his partner judged her at first, Michael realizes that she is not only a great person but someone who is vulnerable and is not as hard as she makes others think she is.

All in all this was an OK romantic suspense story.

Book Blurb for Exposed by Rage

Judged, Bullied, Attacked - What Hasn't Destroyed You Can Make You Stronger.

Distrust bursts into the fires of passion.

To keep her mother’s reputation from destroying her, Ashley Dix Gibson had to learn at an early age to persevere and tune out the lies, gossip, and the bullies. Detective Michael DeMarco has no desire to team up with a woman with ties to the underbelly of the porn industry but if he wants to solve his case, he has no other options. He has a dead body. She has the seedy connections. To solve the crime they are forced to combine their resources to find a brutal killer.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2015 3.00