Ella's Gifts

Badges of Boston #1

Ella is a no-nonsense woman. She does her job and then goes home. She's a great nurse and a wonderful person. I thought it was interesting how the author threw in flashbacks from Ella's past, it gave you more of a picture of who she is. I'm not surprised that Ella chose to be a nurse, they help people and even though she couldn't help her mother she can help others.

Rhett was kind of interesting, but I didn't like how he let Ella assume he was a landscaper. Some people don't like cops but it's not a reason to let them think you do something else. In the future if you do get together your relationship has now started with a lie. This story deals with Rhett's first case. This being his first case, he’s very determined to solve it.

It was a good read and both characters made the book. It did at times find it slow going.

Book Blurb for Ella's Gifts

A murderous psychopath is stalking the city of Boston, leaving ominous clues, and taunting detectives. Little does Ella know, she's the ultimate prize.

At six-years-old, Ella survived a horrific car crash that took her mother's life. Ella has been petrified of water ever since. Now a nurse, living in Boston with her best friend Jess, Ella meets Rett and immediately senses an electrifying connection. She's led to believe he's a landscaper. He has his own reasons for letting her believe her assumption. He's actually a Boston PD detective. He's working to solve his first case. The Butcher of Boston has been leaving gruesome crime scenes across Boston. Rett's world is centered around the bleak, decaying dregs of Boston. He's mesmerized to find a luminous entity through the seemingly never ending display of death When faced with a direct threat against Ella, Rett believes he must push her away for her own safety. The lies and omissions keep piling up for Ella. How can she trust Rett? How can they be together when it seems that their lives are pulling them apart?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2015 3.50