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Both Killian and Liv have lived through things that would have broken a normal human. In my eyes that makes them tough and brave, because despite everything they have gone through they are still breathing and dealing with the chaos that is life. When Liv sits next to Kill in art class things change. Right from the start they have a rapport and she makes Kill laugh within a couple minutes by telling a scathing joke. I found them both to be honest and they told it like it was, which was refreshing. I loved seeing them express themselves.

Once I started “Dust”, I could not stop reading it. It was an easy read, probably because the sentences flowed so well. Kill and Liv were interesting characters and I think anyone can relate to them in some way. They weren’t over the top. They weren’t trying to be anything other than themselves and that’s what made the book a good read.

Book Blurb for Dust

To kill is easy…

Killian knows the nickname fits. He’s a cursed man with a screwed up childhood and a hellacious hot temper. With school, work, anger management sessions, and taking care of his ailing granddad, he doesn’t have a social life. The demons from his past won’t let him get close to anyone even if he wants. His one respite is art. When he gets lost in a project, he can ignore the monster lurking within. A temporary cleanse that never lasts.

To live is torture…

Olivia never dreamed she would return to Louisiana, not after that fateful day ten years ago that changed her forever. But Liv didn’t argue with her mom when she’d encouraged her to transfer. Why bother? She has zero friends. Hell, she isn’t even daddy’s little angel anymore. She just exists, destined to live in a shell of her past’s crumbled embers. And even those pieces are too tiny, too many. She’s blanketed in them, her dust.

To try is hard…

When Liv sits next to Killian in art class, he realizes she could help him with the one major assignment standing between him and his degree, and she reluctantly accepts he can help her with more than an art class. The two embark on a relationship previously uncharted for either and quickly discover how hard it is just sifting through life’s ashes. Can two damaged souls find a way to heal old wounds, or will trying only ruin them forever?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2016 3.50