Dragon's Chase

Paranormal Protection Agency, #7

Dragon's Chase is the first book I have read by Mina Carter. This is a paranormal romantic suspense all wrapped up in a perfect short read.

Can I just say this couple is hot and Chase kicks serious ass! I love a woman who won't stand by and let a man try to tell her what to do. I absolutely loved Chase, she’s awesome. She takes no prisoners and does her own thing. She cracked me up.

Dragon's Chase is Mina Carter's seventh book in her Paranormal Protection Agency series. Each book can be read as a standalone book, but the series does feature recurring characters from what I’m told.

Chase is a dragon shifter and is the Queen's bodyguard and has one job, to protect the Queen's daughter Baby. Chase went underground to sleep for centuries to keep Baby safe. She never expected to wake up with a collar around her neck and Baby captured. They have been captured by the evil warlock Sellers.

Chase is a fighter of the highest kind and knows she has a job to do and nothing, not even her mate, will stop her. Chase is shocked to see another dragon, her mate, since she hasn't seen one in ages. Since she has been under Sellers spell since she was awakened she hasn't exactly had free rein to do as she pleased.

Dragon shifter Duke is less sociable than his twin brother Baron and is frustrated and irritated to know that Chase doesn't trust him or tell him all her secrets. He works for the Paranormal Protection Agency and he is looking for the warlock responsible for trying to kill his brother Baron's mate. Duke is jealous, he has always wished for a mate and never thought he would find her. That is until she flies by and smacks him with her tail and leaves him gasping in her wake. He soon learns the warlock he is searching for is the same one his mate is in cahoots with. He is determined to find her, get answers and bring her to his lair.

Book Blurb for Dragon's Chase

He’s found his mate. But can he convince her that he’s her dragon?

Working for the Paranormal Protection Agency has never been boring, but shadow-dragon Duke didn’t expect to meet his mate in the line of duty. He certainly didn’t expect a warrior every inch his match, or for her to slap him across the ass with her tail and take off across the city.

With Baron on a very personal protection detail, Duke has to fly solo on the pair’s investigation into the warlock who nearly killed Baron’s mate. Just one problem, his mate is working with the warlock. So, dead or alive, he has to bring her in…

She found the one thing she didn’t want. Her mate. Now she needs to get rid of him before he ruins her mission…

Sleeping for centuries has it’s drawbacks, Chase knew that going in. What she didn’t expect was to wake with a Warlock’s spelled collar around her neck and to find her charge, the Queen’s daughter, in a cage. Vowing to free them both will take skill and strength and she doesn’t need the distraction of a hot as hell male dragon trying to make his claim on her. Even though her heart aches to complete their joining, she can’t. Not yet.

The mission, or her heart. Can she have both? Or will she need one to complete the other?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 4.00