Down And Dirty

Down And Dirty is a hot short story that’s about 14 pages long.

Being caught shooting lusty looks out the window at your neighbor is embarrassing to most people. For Rebecca it brings back painful and horny memories of the boy she loved, Justin. Now he’s back in town and stirring things all over again. Throw in her friend Crystal trying to encourage her and things get interesting. For Justin he goes by the saying: “There’s always time for romance and sex,” and has no shame.

The sex between them is hot and sweet. You can tell that they enjoyed relearning each other’s bodies and enjoying the sun. They were very eager in their play and I had a fun time reading it. Even though it’s not long the author gives the reader a view into their future. From the way they act and talk you can tell that they are looking forward to their life together and will have fun doing it.

Book Blurb for Down And Dirty

He is back. A brief glimpse of his naked body and Rebecca Eastman is reduced to peeping through his window. She knows it is wrong but she can not resist Justin Connelly, her friend and ex-lover. He tempts her wicked nature, stirring up a thirst that no others have been to quench.

How can he affect her so much after many years of cold silence?

Now, he is back in town and back into her life, unwittingly throwing her into turmoil. The time has come to face her past. Was this a second chance at love…or lust?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2014 4.00