Distant Obsession

Cherokee Valley, #1

I actually read book two in the Cherokee Valley series first. I had no idea it was a sequel until I got to chapter two, so when I saw Distant Obsession up, I wanted to check it out. Distant Obsession is a really good thriller romance. This book had me guessing until the very end.

Regarding the characters, I love how protective Lilah is to Ashley even though she’s a grown woman; she will always be her little sister. I loved how Ashley flirted a little with Reese in order for him to come over and meet Lilah. Ashley is definitely a free spirit. When things start to happen around Lilah, I knew for sure that the hit man was around, and maybe wanted to finish the job he started. I think Reese is a good fit for Lilah, and he’ll help her live life to the fullest and break down those very high walls she has built up.

Lilah, aka Carmen, is so different from her sister Ashley. She’s more settled, cautious, shy, and she paints and enjoys the silence. Lilah is in hiding not just from the paparazzi, but from everyone. It’s been crazy and gets even crazier when she finds out her husband’s death was by a hit man. Her quiet life gets turned upside down when Reese gets the courage to go up to her place and introduce himself to her.

Book Blurb for Distant Obsession

After years struggling to succeed as an artist, Lilah Randal accomplishes here dream, only to return from her first sold out exhibition to find her husband, a US Senator, and his mistress in bed, murdered. With no proof, only suspicious, the police give up pursuing her for the murders, but not the news hounds, nor the discomforting phone calls or late night attempted intrusions into her home.

Reluctantly, Lilah stalls her career, assumes a different identify and begins fresh, hiding in a small town far away from the attention of DC. Her days are filled with new vigor as the serenity of the Cherokee Valley surrounding Watauga Lake feeds her creative muse under a fake alias. Yet her nights remain hollow, like her marriage to the senator, until she becomes obsessed by the allure of a stranger that glides by her cabin in his sailboat. Both his male form and solemn expression bleed into every painting, every midnight fantasy, until her new dream becomes reality. Lilah learns her future will remain corrupted by the past until she solves the secret behind her husband’s murder and explores her attraction to the mysterious sailor.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2015 4.00