Determined: To Win

Determined Trilogy, #3

The style of pages was different, which I loved, and I also thought it was great that I finally got to know what David was thinking when the story switched to his point of view. The last two books have been about Samantha and what she sees and feels. This book opened up with a look into David’s thoughts which was great. Full of craziness from kidnapping to a wedding and a whole lot in between. With David and Samantha they not only deal with betrayal and a whole bunch of surprises, that could have really been left alone, but a death as well as a lost job. They kept getting hit and taking punches but they pulled through and were stronger than ever, together.

Samantha dealt with some very hard things in this book and was unknowing bait to the evil Brain and the others he had working for him. In the end they all got what they deserved and I was not in the least surprised by one of the kidnappers’ identity. I suspect there was something going on with them as soon as they came into the picture. Samantha is such a strong person and even blindfolded, and facing down a gun, let it be known how she felt and that she wasn’t just going to cower in a little ball and break down. This was a truly great series and I loved how you watched David and Samantha grow as a couple and individuals. They truly were meant for each other and meant to be.

Book Blurb for Determined: To Win


I had always prided myself on managing them well. Then one night David Keith inserted himself into my life and everything changed. David was handsome, sexy, powerful. I was addicted to him. And he was addicted to me. So my priorities shifted, expanded— and I was more than fine with that. So what was the problem?

Nothing except that dating a billionaire has it’s…complications.


The scorching hot final installment of the Determined Trilogy

Will David’s secrets continue to haunt Samantha? And what will happen when problems from her past come roaring back to life? Is their love strong enough to survive?

Get a glimpse into David’s mind in Determined: To Win.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2015 4.50