Determined: To Love

Determined Trilogy, #2

What a cliffhanger! I can’t wait to read the third book, so crazy. This book was filled with danger and surprises: plane rides, break-ins, graffiti, a dead fiancé, being run over by a car, a hospital stay, a new job offer, tears, confusion, anger, regret. This book was crazy.

In this one there’s a little more dirty talk and you see their relationship growing. They now refer to themselves as boyfriend and girlfriend, which I think is really sweet. They are completely in love and Samantha makes it clear from the start that she will not be a kept woman. I find it interesting how she handles her relationship with Curtis, I don’t think I could have my boss as a friend. I like that line where it’s work and then home and everyone else. Then you also have that problem of not being professional in the workplace or lines get blurred but Samantha does a great job handling it.

Even though this is a continuation of a series the author does a good job of explaining things and the people that surround them. It was short and to the point with no repeats that make you want to shake your head or sigh. I also love how Samantha makes up little words that fit the situation and environment like “quietude.” She also has more patience than me, I would be frustrated and a little angry if I had to have someone follow me around all day. Elliot is a great body guard but sometimes it’s nice to have some peace and quiet and just be by yourself. David cracks me up with all the background checks but you can never be too careful.

Book Blurb for Determined: To Love

His sister told me I was special.

Jenna had been abnormally interested in our relationship since the get-go. And for good reason. Despite being unbelievably hot, rich, and powerful, her billionaire brother had always managed to avoid dating anyone seriously. I was quite the novelty in the Keith household.

My best friend told me I was lucky.

But I had to remind myself this wasn’t luck. David Keith had pursued me like an animal hunting it’s meal. Manipulating events, practically stalking me at parties— but honestly I was just as obsessed. We were addicted to each other and it felt so good.

Then I found out about her. And my entire world turned upside-down

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2015 4.50