Deep Blue

The Pathway Series Book 1

Dr. Grace gets my complete awe and respect. There is no way that I would willingly free dive in shark infested water, let alone get in with a cage or scuba gear. She not only shows them respect but she’s fearless. Throughout the book I could only shake my head at her. She gets herself into the most interesting situations.

Alec was interesting too. I loved the fact that Grace is one of his hero’s and he had a little crush on her before he got on board. Getting to film her and be a part of something spectacular was a life changing experience for him.

Kristy McCaffrey did such a good job explaining their journey as they went freediving that I felt like I was there seeing it happen. "Deep Blue" lives up to its name and had me completely captured. I could not stop reading until the very end. I truly recommend this great read.

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Book Blurb for Deep Blue

Don’t miss this first book in a sexy and suspenseful new series!!

In the deep blue ocean lives an ancient predator…

Dr. Grace Mann knows great white sharks. As the daughter of an obsessed shark researcher based at the Farallon Islands, Grace spent her childhood in the company of these elegant and massive creatures. When a photo of her freediving with a great white goes viral, the institute where she works seeks to capitalize on her new-found fame by producing a documentary about her work.

Underwater filmmaker Alec Galloway admires Dr. Mann and jumps at the opportunity to create a film showcasing the pretty biologist. As he heads to Guadalupe Island in Baja California Sur for a three-week expedition, it’s clear that his fan-boy crush on Grace is turning into something more serious. But even more pressing—Grace’s passionate focus on the sharks just might get her killed.

Contains strong language and sexual content.

The Pathway Series reading order:

Deep Blue

Deep Blue: Australia (short novella available exclusively to Kristy’s newsletter subscribers)

Cold Horizon—coming soon

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2018 5.00