Complicated Creatures - Part 2

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Complicated Creatures - Part 2

This book is just completely amazing. The story takes off from where part one ended and gets better. You have the same characters, but new ones as well that add an interesting mix to the game of survival. Rox is one of them. Rox is totally kickass and a walking ghost that is very good at digging up what people don't want found. Sam added a new member to her group of lethal weapons. Avi is always on the alert and is a surprise. Lightner is a freaking asshole and through the whole book I wished him dead. He and Nazar are very good villains and they really just make you want to punch them in the face.

Jack kind of steps up in this book even though he falls off the wagon. I shake my head at his whole family, but especially his father. He’s supposed to be this important man and yet he keeps giving classified information and files to his sons. Wesley really just needs a beat down, I’m getting so tired of him. I really just want to punch him in his damn face. From where I see it he has no right to be mad, he left Sam not the other way around. Now he wants to come back and push his way into her life, get pissed at Jack for being there for no. Sam, she’s my girl and is still taking names and doing what she does. She has so many war wounds it’s not even funny and she gets more added on in this second part of the journey.

I love how the author switches to different points of view and lets you know when she’s doing it. She not only gives a place and date but a time as well, which really helps. You don’t get lost in what’s going on and she has definitions for the foreign words she uses.

I loved reading this and have been waiting anxiously for part 2. It did not disappoint and I cannot wait to read part 3.

Book Blurb for Complicated Creatures - Part 2

"Isn't it terrible when love is not enough?"

In this action-packed sequel to Complicated Creatures: Part One…

Jack Roman was perfectly happy living the life of a high-powered and charismatic philistine. He had time, money, women and a penchant for the fast life. Until he met his match in Samantha Wyatt and his obsession with her would take him to hell and back…

Wes Elliott’s been dreaming of the muse he let go of as a young man—the woman he never forgot throughout his travels and the successes he’d left her to find. He always thought he’d see Sammy again—he just never expected her to be fighting for her life when he did…

Samantha Wyatt is being challenged by her past, tested by her decisions, and hunted by her nemesis. As her dangerous present and enigmatic past collides, Samantha conducts the riskiest operation of her life, and the men who love her will be forced to decide: Do they trust her enough to let her protect them? And do they love her enough to let her go?

The Complicated Creatures series by Alexi Lawless delivers powerful female characters—women who are smart, savvy, experienced and more than capable of running the table, and unusual, fast-paced, and dialogue-focused writing.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2014 4.50