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Mayhem, #3

Kit has been in love with Shawn since middle school and it hasn’t gone away. Six years later she gets a slap in the face and is hit with memories and feelings she has no control over when she auditions for his band and sees him again. Shawn wasn’t a great guy in high school and he was man enough to admit that which I loved. He’s all about his music and is a great musician. When he gets in the zone nothing can mess with him. Sleeping with Kit in high school was a jerk move on his part because he never called her afterwards and left her hanging in the wind. Needless to say tensions are high and the first band practice ends with a lot of cursing, thrown things and it gets physical. Slowly the team comes together to make an awesome sound that will rock the world.

Even though this is the third book in series, I didn't know that until I got to the end, it was easy to follow. I understood what was going on and each character brought something new to the book. Each member of the band is really interesting and they have their moments where their sweet. I love how they stick up for each other and have each other’s back not only that but they know when it’s time to be serious and professional and when to let loose and have fun. I had a great time reading this and there were certain parts that just had me cracking up. One part had me laughing so loud and I scared my cat. Let's not forget about the amazing sex that takes place.

This is a book I recommend. Not only can the band shred and make great music but they are believable and I could relate to them. I also loved how the author showed Shawn’s point of view towards the end. That was great to look into his mind.

Book Blurb for Chaos

From the moment she saw Shawn Scarlett perform at a school talent show, Kit Larson has loved two things: the guitar, and the gorgeous, green-eyed boy who inspired her to play. But one careless night in high school shatters her hope of ever being more than a notch in his bedpost.

Six years, two bands, and one mostly mended heart later, Kit's about to make her rock star dreams a reality as the new guitarist for Shawn's band, The Last Ones to Know. He may not remember their reckless night together, but Kit has never forgotten…and she's determined to make him eat his heart out.

The release of their new album means a month cooped up on a tour bus, sleeping inches away from the ridiculously sexy musician she's never quite gotten over. And as Kit gets to know the real Shawn—not Shawn Scarlett, the rock god, the player—their attraction becomes too hot to resist. But the past is paved with secrets, and when they finally surface, Kit could lose everything: the band, the music, her dreams…and Shawn.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2015 4.50