Bring On the Dusk

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Bring On the Dusk

The Night Stalkers, #6

I loved "Bring On the Dusk". It’s a great addition to the The Night Stalkers series. I have always wanted to know Michael’s story and it was beautiful. I never imagined him to have hippies for parents or the world of his red woods. The way he described it and shared it with Claudia was amazing. I also loved how snappy he was with Emily when it came to protecting Nell. Even though Emily is retired, the author always finds some way to bring her back into the fold and I loved it. It’s so seamless you could almost forget that she’s retired. His black-in-black missions are badass and the true definition of covert ops.

Claudia is amazing too and I was not surprised that she was a good fit for Michael. The way she loves her desert and understands Michael is truly a gift. In the end Michael kind of deserved a punch in the face but he understood and figured out how and where he screwed up.

Claudia has a certain way of doing things that get people's attention. Her skill with the Little Bird is awesome and I loved her interaction with Dilya. Everyone always seems surprised when they see Dilya around and then they get to know her and realize that she’s an unofficial part of the group. I also love how he threw in the first family and everyone's reaction when they come face to face with Peter for the first time.

I have no problems recommending this book and I hope this series continues.

Book Blurb for Bring On the Dusk

Name: Claudia Jean Casperson

Rank: Captain, SOAR - 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne)

Motto: Night Stalkers Don't Quit

Name: Michael Gibson

Rank: Colonel, Delta Force - Special Forces Operational Detachment - Delta ("The Unit")

Motto: Without Equal

Mission: To go together where no one else can, and to get out alive with no one the wiser

Five nations surround the Caspian Sea, five nations desperate for the vast resources there, and willing to go to war. It will take all of Claudia and Michael's ingenuity to avert disaster. As they discover how right they are for each other, it will take even more to breach the walls they've so carefully built around their hearts...

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2015 5.00