Blazing Hot Cowboy

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Blazing Hot Cowboy

Smokin’ Hot Cowboys, #2

Lauren is a strong person and she did a great job with her adorable daughter, Hannah. The sexual tension between her and Kent was crazy wild. I expected to see my hands singed by the pages. Hannah attaches to Kent pretty quickly and I think that says a lot about him. Kids know when someone is being fake or if they are real and want to be in your life. Kent gets thrown for a loop but I think he handles Hannah pretty well.

The plot was clear and to the point. I loved seeing how Lauren and Kent’s story developed and the things they had to go through. I really enjoyed reading "Blazing Hot Cowboy" and look forward to more from Kim Redford.

Book Blurb for Blazing Hot Cowboy

He's all the heat she'll ever need.

Lauren Sheridan's return to Wildcat Bluff after the death of her husband is bittersweet. Thirteen years have passed since she set foot in the place that's always held her heart...and the sizzling memories of her high school sweetheart.

Kent Duval has it all. A proud rancher and volunteer firefighter in the small town of Wildcat Bluff, he's missing only one thing from his life: passion. Kent last saw Lauren Sheridan when she was sweet sixteen and they were head-over-heels in love. Now she's back, spunky daughter in tow, and he no longer knows which way is up. As the heat between them builds, Kent can't help but wonder if past flames can be rekindled and second chances really do exist.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2017 4.00