Command Force Alpha Book 3

Readers will be pulled into Bind because of the characters and rope play.

Astrid is funny and her friends are interesting too. Nicky is also an interesting person. I had no idea how sensual rope play could be. You could tell that Nicky missed it very much with the way he rubbed the turquoise ropes when Astrid first gave them to him. It was in the office and was very sexual. You could also tell that he missed his wife very much. Their relationship was one of a kind and full of love and passion. I wondered from the start if he was going to have a relationship with Astrid, not only did he love the color of her ropes but he was very itchy to get back to what he loved.

I was absorbed into this book from the very start and it took me on a sensual adventure. I think it was very smart of Astrid to look up rope play, to figure out the right way to tie them. Nicky's reaction to seeing $200 worth of rope cut up and in the trash made me smile. Even though it’s been years since he worked with ropes, you can tell that he remembered. For him it really was like riding a bike, he didn’t even have to look.

The cover was the first thing that caught my eye and made me want to read Bind. I’m glad I selected it. I have no problem putting my stamp of approval on this book and recommending it for people who want to go on a sensual adventure.

Book Blurb for Bind

Ropes, passion, danger, diamonds…mission accomplished.

Command Force Alpha, Book 3

Widower Nicholas “Nicky” Stafford, leader of Command Force Alpha, has known love, loss and high-stakes danger. Recent run-ins with a Russian conglomerate codenamed Firebird have been the most challenging of his career.

He trusts his professional judgment, but cannot trust his desires when a colleague insists the only way to trace Firebird’s dirty money is to pose as besotted lovers at a fetish conference. Nicky hasn’t touched shibari rope since his beloved wife’s death.

Astrid Holm has lost everything. Twice. Her father bankrupted her family, then she became notorious after blowing the whistle at a Fortune 500. With her career in ruins, she found herself sitting opposite steely-eyed Colonel Stafford…who made her CFA’s top accountant.

As they explore the conference’s dangerous delights, Nicky discovers that Astrid’s sweet eccentricities revitalize his soul. When bound by his skilled hands, Astrid finds the safety she craves. That safety is short-lived. Before passion can become love, they must evade traps more elaborate than the knots that bind them.

Warning: This book contains very intricate rope work that should not be attempted without proper training. Author suggests you find your own angsty, secret-ops colonel to tie you in complicated poses and bang you silly.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2014 4.00