Best Man for Hire

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Best Man for Hire

Front and Center, #3

I cannot wait to read Schwartz’s story. Even though he’s mentioned a few times you can tell he’s a big part of the family and was a major part in Grant’s life. They have always been together and by each other’s side until the night when Grant slept with Schwartz fiancée and everything changed. Now he’s been elected to be the best man at his sister’s wedding and he’s not happy about the job.

On a run on the beach he comes upon nude people, but one person stands out. She’s the only one wearing clothes and he soon finds out that’s she’s the wedding planner of this interesting wedding. That’s her job, taking on weddings that other people would find strange. After a misunderstanding between him and her photographer ends with the photographer quitting, he lets Anna know in no uncertain terms that he could step in and take over the rest of the weddings.

Anna is a very interesting character and I enjoyed reading about the antics and situations she found herself in. It takes a true person to be open and have the imagination to plan a literal fairy wedding, in the forests of Hawaii. Not only that but paint ball? That sounds like so much fun. Grant coming into her life was a real eye opener for her and I was glad with the way their story ended. The author did a really great job drawing me in and keeping me in the adventure until it was over. Not only that but she set up the way for the next book as well.

Book Blurb for Best Man for Hire

So perfect he's almost too good to be true…

Anna Keebler makes a living being unconventional. A wedding planner who specializes in more…unusual ceremonies, Anna's client list includes everything from nudists to paintballers to Little Red Riding Hood enthusiasts. So when her photographer up and quits during a wedding blitz in Hawaii, Anna makes an unconventional decision. She hires a hot Marine to be her new photographer.

Little does she know, Grant Patton is the best man in one of her weddings. He's so perfect he's practically a Boy Scout—if Boy Scouts were big, ripped Marines with gorgeous gray eyes, and good at, oh, everything. Especially sex. In fact, his only flaw seems to be that he hates marriage as much as she does. But Anna suspects the sexy Boy Scout routine is a cover, and if he wants this thing between them to be about more than sex, Grant must reveal the dark past he's fought so hard to hide…

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2015 4.50