Bad News Cowboy & Shoulda Been a Cowboy

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Bad News Cowboy & Shoulda Been a Cowboy

Copper Ridge

Kate and Jack are both interesting people and made me laugh. You can tell that they really are made for each other though Jack tried so hard to ignore it. Kate is a woman and even though she lives simple she knows exactly what she wants and though people around her treat her like she’s a child, she’s not and is ready to prove it. Once she gets Jack to come around things start to get better. Jack's situation with his father was heartbreaking. I don’t understand how any parent could treat their child like that. In the end Jack got his revenge and it was sweet. I celebrated right along with him. He was able to walk tall and move on with his life.

I loved reading Bad News Cowboy even though it was thicker than I thought it was going to be. It took me awhile to realize that this book is a two in one deal.

The second story is called Shoulda Been A Cowboy. It involves Jake and Cassie, muffins, old rusted building, Seattle and the bad boy who is running away from his old life and afraid to start new memories. Jake is back in town so he can sell off the building he inherited from his dead father. He had no intentions of staying longer or making it permanent then. Then Cassie came back into his life and changed things.

Cassie has loved Jake since high school but never got the chance to tell him because he left town and never came back, until 15 years later. Now he comes into her shop to get her muffins and coffee and she can’t leave him alone. Cassie winds up working her way into Jake’s life and into his heart.

This second story was a heartwarming read and I’m glad I got to be in both Jake and Cassie's as well as Kate and Jack’s world and experience life with them.

Book Blurb for Bad News Cowboy & Shoulda Been a Cowboy

Can the bad boy of Copper Ridge, Oregon, make good—and win the rodeo girl of his dreams? 

Kate Garrett keeps life simple—working hard, riding her beloved horses, playing cards with her brothers. Lately, though, she feels a bit restless, especially when family friend Jack Monaghan is around. Sexy and shameless, Jack is the kind of trouble you don't tangle with unless you want your heart broken. Still, Kate could always use his help in learning how to lasso someone a little less high risk… 

Jack can't pinpoint the moment the Garrett brothers' little sister suddenly stopped seeming so…little. Now here he is, giving flirting tips to the one woman who needs zero help turning him on. Love's a game he's never wanted to play. But he'll have to hurry up and learn how before the best thing that ever entered his life rides right back out again…

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 4.50