Back in the Rancher's Arms

This book gave me so many emotions it wasn’t even funny. What Dylan did for Kayla was very selfless but also very stupid. I really hate it when one person in a relationship makes a decision for both of them. If he had just talked to Kayla instead of pushing her away, things could have turned out differently. Derek was an interesting character too. I loved how much he looked up to Dylan and trusted Kayla with his secrets. He was the typical surly teen who probably needed to get cuffed in the back of the head every once in awhile.

Kayla coming back home released a lot of emotions from different people. I loved how she tried to take care of things when she found out how bad off her parents were. Her dad is just as stubborn and bull headed as Dylan is. It was interesting traveling along this journey with them, I enjoyed it.

At the end of Back in the Rancher’s Arms you get a list of books to check out:

The Cowboy’s Homecoming Surprise a Fly Creek novel by: Jennifer Hoopes

The Bookworm And The Beast by: Charlee James

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Book Blurb for Back in the Rancher's Arms

Dylan Hunter has always loved the girl next door. Part of loving her meant making sure she left their small town to study to become a veterinarian. He just never expected it to take this long for her to come home. His hands are full raising his younger brother and bringing his ranch through the drought, but one look at Kayla and his feelings are back full force.

Kayla Anderson’s not prepared to see the guy who broke her heart in high school again, but she can’t get out of returning home to be maid of honor at her cousin’s wedding. She’s determined to have fun and celebrate the special day, despite the fact Dylan is her family’s closest neighbor and the best man, and get the heck out of Dodge.

But Dylan already lost the woman he loved once. This time, he’s determined to win her back...

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2018 3.50