An Unstill Life

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An Unstill Life

Livvie made me want to cry. To be so young she had so much going on in her life. So much guilt, pain, responsibility, fear and most of it shouldn’t have even been put on her. Her mother tried her best but I personally thought she could have tried harder. She had two daughters, not just Jules. When Jules request something from Livvie, her world changes and things get a little more complicated. Bianca is going through her own thing and is kind of the school outcast. When Livvie initially meets up with her it’s tentative at best.

Livvi's disorder was interesting as well. To see music like that is fascinating but I can also see the down side. The fact that she was able to find a kindred spirit and someone to talk to about certain things without being judged was just awesome. "An Unstill Life" will make you think, what would you do for the person you loved? Even if the situation or request could land you in prison. Are you willing to risk the wrath of others to be with the one you love? Or will you hide in the shadows and whither away?

"An Unstill Life" is a coming of age story that will make you cry, scream, laugh and want to hold somebody. I truly do recommend this great read.

Book Blurb for An Unstill Life

~Editor's Pick~

When your whole world is falling apart, what are the chances you’ll find love in the most unexpected of places?

Livvie feels like she’s losing everything: her two best friends have abandoned her for their boyfriends, her mother continues to ignore her, while her sister, Jules, is sick again and getting worse by the day. Add in the request Jules has made of her and Livvie feels like she’s losing her mind, too.

Her only escape is in the art room, where she discovers not only a refuge from her life, but also a kindred soul in Bianca, the school “freak”. Livvie’s always felt invisible, at school and at home, but with Bianca, she finally feels like someone sees the real Livvie. As the relationship deepens and it comes time to take the romance public, will Livvie be able to take that step?

Livvie’s about to find out if she has what it takes to make the tough decisions and stand up for herself—for the first time in her life.

#teen #yalit #lesbian #glbt #romance

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2018 4.00