Alpha's Mates

Bear Shifter Billionaire, #2

Cleo, Titus and Connor.....all three crack me up. Alpha’s Mates was so funny and amusing with a little steam added in for good measure. Cleo is a bear shifter and is nixed to a place in the middle of nowhere by some witches because they don’t like what she does. Connor knows things and is just a kind heart, he follows his instincts no matter where they lead him. Titus is a dragon shifter who can’t shift but he protects Connor and gets a kick out of Cleo.

I laughed so hard their first meeting because all Connor and Titus saw was this big grizzly bear walking around with a pink back pack strapped to its back. I loved this book.

Readers get introduced to a special place in the world that hardly anyone knows about. Connor and Titus have set up a safe place on their ranch for all creatures to come and be safe. It was a little spot of magic and they wanted Cleo to stay. The attraction between them is there and boy is it crazy.

Book Blurb for Alpha's Mates

Cleo has it all: she's a wildly successful CEO, Alpha of a powerful bear shifter clan, and a total knockout. But when a business deal puts her on the wrong side of a powerful coven, she’s magically exiled to the middle of nowhere. Cleo is forced to let go, trusting in the kindness of two handsome ranch hands to get back to her old life.

Titus and Connor are best friends who share everything. Titus, a cursed dragon shifter, and Connor, gifted with supernatural intuition, are not used to company. When their ranch, a sanctuary for magical creatures, is threatened by outside forces, the men must rely on their strength--and Cleo's resourcefulness--to save the day. Will Cleo be too distracted by her own plan for revenge and the toned bodies of her new friends to realize she may have found her true home?

This sizzling book for mature readers involves a literal roll in the hay, wet and wild firefighting, and a love that's magical to the power of three.

Stands Alone: Yes

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2015 4.50