A Texan for Hire

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A Texan for Hire

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In A Texan for Hire, main characters Clay and Abby were made for each other. I loved how much Abby is into animals. Her being a physical therapist and wanting to help people with therapy dogs is not a far stretch for her character and it didn’t surprise me at all. I felt so bad for her when she finds out that not only was she adopted, but that she also has a twin. To wonder why your parent gave you up and kept the other, I have no words for what she went through. The story was very suspenseful and it kept me on edge. I loved that her dog Duffy was just adorable, and it’s not the first time I’ve heard of using horses for therapy, I think it’s pretty cool.

Abby had no idea how much the sentence, find your sister, was going to change her life. She travels to Texas with her dog Duffy and hires a private investigator that used to be an ATF agent. While he’s on her case, the people in the small Texas town try to become matchmakers. When Clay finds out about who Abby's sister is and the story behind her life, he’s thrown for a loop.

Book Blurb for A Texan for Hire


Three words scrawled on a piece of paper just upended Abby Winchester's world. She'd never known she even had a sister. Abby's sure she'll learn the truth after traveling to the sleepy Texas town where she was born. And tall, brooding Clay Tanner may find the answers she needs, even if he does look more like a cowboy than a PI. 

The petite blonde who just hired him is tempting Clay to break his rule not to get involved with a client. But the former ATF agent isn't ready for a relationship—not after what once happened on his watch. Still, helping Abby uncover family secrets makes him wonder if it's time to put his own past to rest. Is Abby willing to face an uncertain future—together?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2015 3.00