An Extra Pair of Eyes

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An Extra Pair of Eyes

Non-Fiction is not usually a genre I look towards when I search for books to read but when I saw the title of this book, it drew me in and didn’t let go.

I've always found the people who volunteer in our community to be in their own category of hero's. I've also pondered what life is like for those who volunteer their time and energy for community work by working with the police department.  The hours they spend standing amazes me because it takes a lot of stamina to do so.

The author of 'An Extra Pair of Eyes' brings you along on each of her travels and it feels like you are experiencing what she has lived. It is a direct look at behind the scenes at something you might never pay attention to but seriously empowers our lives, even without our knowledge.

This was an easy read for me but it has an edge to it. There are real life events where you can step into the stories as a shadow and watch and listen as the stories unfold. You get to be a part of events that happen in so many communities by so many unknown people. It brings to life the unseen work that goes on all around us. This is one author I will be watching for a very long time.

Book Blurb for An Extra Pair of Eyes

The stories in this book will introduce you to a side of police work you’re never seen, and a group of heroes you’ve never met. EYES puts the reader in the front seat of a police unit, lets us experience some of the drama, the danger and the joy of volunteers helping law enforcement in all kinds of situations.

Follow the volunteers from the excitement and horror of a school shooting, to the everyday chores of doing vacation checks and assisting at traffic accidents. You will learn what it takes to be a law enforcement volunteer, the training, the occasional tedium and pure adrenalin of doing police work – without carrying a gun. Take a peek inside The Murder Home, a 32’ RV that volunteers take to the site of San Diego County homicides to assist detectives in their quest to find answers.


Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 4.00