The Hollow

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The Hollow

Sign of Seven Trilogy, Book 2

The first book of this series, Blood Brothers (Sign of Seven Trilogy, Book 1), set up the curse of Hawkins Hollow and the link that Cal, Fox and Gage shared. How they clean up and keep the town from being destroyed every seven years. It also introduces three women into the mix Quinn, Layla and Cybil.

The Hollow (Sign of Seven Trilogy, Book 2) links Cal, Fox and Gage with their counterpart Quinn, Layla and Cybil. This book delves into the history of the women finding that all 6 are linked by love, blood, friendships and the common goal to see to the final destruction of the Demon on July 7th. Where Blood Brothers set the stage on the town and its curse. This book defines the characters making them as real as you or I. This may be Fox and Layla's story but you get a wonderful sense of the upcoming story on Gage and Cybil and get even better acquainted with Cal and Quinn.

This book shows you how the six have figured out the past and what actually happened at the Pagan Stone centuries ago. You also get details on the six's ancestors and how they are planning to fight the demon and put him to rest for good.

This book was fast paced with some truly terrifying moments when the demon preys on each ones fears and weaknesses. It gave me plenty of back round and insights into the past, present and a few little inklings into the future. I am always entertained on where Ms. Roberts stories lead me and can not wait for Gage and Cybil's story.

Book Blurb for The Hollow

A Mass Market Paperback Original The New York Times bestselling author of Blood Brothers continues the thrilling trilogy of a town plagued by evil—and the three men and three women brought together by fate to fight it. Biography One of the most prolific and popular writers in the world, Nora Roberts (who also writes as her edgier alter-ego J. D. Robb) publishes multiple books a year. Not that it’s enough for her fans, who tear through her unconventional romances. With her trademark mix of fantasy, mystery, and romance, Roberts has created her own genre -- and romance fans are grateful for it!

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 5.00