In Her Wildest Dreams

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In Her Wildest Dreams

Shea is afraid of sleeping since childhood, when she would find herself in strange places with no idea how she got there. One night brought it all to a head. A night when something so terrible would occur that she carried the guilt of it ever since. Now she has devoted herself to trying to help others. Currently working on a formula that will aide those with horrible burn scars. But now her Somnambulist has returned.

Derek Oneiros is her investigator by day and Shea depends on Derek getting her correct information on the people in her employ. He is also a Dream Wreaker, empowering him to give humans dreams so they function normally the next day. Shea has him intrigued and he watched her at night so when the Somnambulist invades her dreams.

In the ongoing struggle Shea is caught between the Somnambulist, Derek and an unknown stalker for possession of her. Who will win?

I liked this book better than the first Dream Wreaker. The characters are starting to develop more and you find more information on Derek and his brothers. I really like the play between the brothers and also loved the fact that Shea was introduced to Devon. Ms Dean still mixes information on sleep disorders with the storyline, a fact that I like. This story seemed to flow a bit better than the First- What She Wants at Midnight. These characters are becoming more real to me and I love the fact that instead of losing information on previously introduced characters we still see them. The love scenes in this book are original and very hot so be prepared.

Book Blurb for In Her Wildest Dreams

Sleepwalking can be dangerous.

Shea Caldwell fears sleep. As a child, she'd suffered greatly from sleepwalking, never knowing where she'd wander or what she might do. Her sleep disorder had worsened until one terrible night when she'd done something that could never be forgiven. She's lived with the guilt ever since - only now her somnambulism is back.

Only he can save her.

Derek Oneiros is a Dream Wreaker, a spirit of the night that bestows dreams on sleeping humans. By day, he works with the beautiful Dr. Caldwell. By night, he watches over her as she sleeps. When an evil Somnambulist invades her dreams, the only way for Derek to save her from total possession is to possess her himself.

But will it be in time?

It's a struggle for power, with Shea caught in the middle. The Somnambulist's control over her is growing. Can Derek's love save her? Or will she forever be a tool for the evil of the night?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 4.00