Death by Ploot Ploot

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Death by Ploot Ploot

Yes for all of you that loved the Matrix series, Dara is finally back. You will so enjoy seeing your favorite Matrix characters. Join Deana, Suliela, Lorgin, Krue, Traed, Rejar and Yaniff once more.

Once again we get to see the beautiful planet of Aviara, The Towering Forest and village. Visualize the wonderful sights, sounds and antics of Ms. Joy's series.

Deana is back stirring up a hornet's nest as she brings the concept of Valentine's Day to Aviara. While the rest of the women love the idea of one day of romance and gifts.

Charl warriors are trying to understand what they are to do. Romance, what is this? The fun in reading their efforts to please those they love.

I am glad that we once more see the Matirx brought to life. I do understand that this was made as a short story and that is only thing I did was not pleased with. This left me wanting more and I can hardly wait for her next installment of this wonderful series.

Let's hope that is will be lengthier and soon.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 3.50