A Most Unconventional Match

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A Most Unconventional Match

Harlequin Historical Series #905

Hal Waterman has run the other way when he met Elizabeth Lowery. After all what could such a beautiful creature see in him? Now seven years later Elizabeth is a widow with a small son and with no protection in sight Hal steps in to aid her. She is lovelier than ever and he is still a bit of an outcast. What other can they be but friends?
Elizabeth finds Hal a comfort not only to her but for her son, David. She is also finding herself experiencing feelings that she never had with her husband. How can this be when she loved he husband so much?
As they get to know each other Hal finds that Elizabeth is not the cunning, selfish women that he thought she was. Elizabeth comes to find that this gentle giant is more than he seems. She sees the problems that he has with conversation and how intelligent he really is. Through in a series of events including Hal’s overbearing mother, money lenders and an over-eager debutante, these series of events that add to this story.
This was a refreshing novel expertly done. You do not find perfect heroes here but what you do find is a book that will surprise and delight you. This book describes in great detail the development of a couple, without becoming boring. Ms. Justiss has written a wonderful novel that allows character flaws and still is a very charming read. I would recommend this to anyone.

Book Blurb for A Most Unconventional Match

Hal Waterman's calling on the newly widowed Elizabeth Lowery is the caring act of a gentleman. And with her household in turmoil and a young son to support, she is certainly grateful for his help. Hal finds Elizabeth even more lovely than when they first met, but knows that she will only ever see him as a kind and often taciturn friend.

Elizabeth finds comfort and companionship in Hal's caring of her. But then a tantalizing desire starts to simmer. His reassuring strength and presence have become so very attractive…so alluring….

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 4.50