Thousand Dollar Pharaoh

THOUSAND DOLLAR PHAROAH by Sherry Silver is an enjoyable romp that combines elements of mystery and suspense with a passionate romance between US Secret Service agents Chloe Lambert and Mike Taurus. Chloe is a particularly fun character with grit, a big heart, and a taste for adventure. In this book, she is put through a gamut of crises. She is shot by a mysterious assailant in Egypt and then tasked with guarding First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt when she returns stateside. As she travels across three contents with a loyal Egyptian sand cat in tow, she must also juggle her overwhelming feelings for fellow Secret Service agent, Mike Taurus. She married him in multiple ceremonies, but now it looks as if the government has insisted that they annul their nepotistic relationship.

Though this is the first Chloe Lambert mystery by Sherry Silver that I have read, THOUSAND DOLLAR PHARAOH clearly follows on previous stories involving Chloe and Mike. Their adventurous prior history is hinted at here, but often too little is revealed. It sometimes felt as if I had missed something in terms of the back story between the many characters. And there are many characters in the story, each colorful and interesting in their own right. However, there are so many characters that it was sometimes difficult to keep track of all of them and the web of relationships between them. I found myself wondering if these were characters I would have known more about and been introduced to previously if I had read the prior stories in the series.

One of the best aspects of THOUSAND DOLLAR PHARAOH is its adventurous, fast-paced, globe trotting plot. Both Mike and Chloe are up for anything and experience multiple moments of tension and suspense throughout the story. Their love and passion for each other is the thread the ties all of the other elements of the story together. One of these elements, the time period of the 1940's, is one that I don't often seen in historical mysteries and I loved all the details -- descriptions, language, and historical characters -- that Sherry Silver used to bring the colorful era to life.

THOUSAND DOLLAR PHARAOH is a fast-paced, intricately layered mystery-suspense-romance with a strong, sassy heroine who shines through it all.

Book Blurb for Thousand Dollar Pharaoh

Sacrificing her heart…for her country She never thought she would have to sacrifice this much for her country… In 1945, a beautiful undercover secret service agent has a dangerous assignment. United States thousand dollar bills are turning up all over the globe. Bodyguarding the widowed former First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, Chloe must tread lightly and include her in what the first lady views as a thrilling cozy mystery. Can she protect Mrs. Roosevelt, unmask the counterfeiting ringleader and throw the swift fist of justice while traveling from Egypt to Washington to London with a royal mummy’s severed arm and a peculiar sand cat? Agent Chloe Lambert takes a bullet for her country and suffers the government's inexcusable intrusion into her private affairs. She will stop at nothing to complete this mission…

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 4.00