The Whisky Laird's Bed

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The Whisky Laird's Bed

Rake Patrol Novel, #2

I absolutely loved this book! I adore stories with a hero and heroine who should be absolutely wrong for each other but turn out to be absolutely right, and Claire and Cameron were a perfectly mismatched pair. A woman who fights for temperance legislation and a man who owns a whiskey distillery—what could possibly bring them together? Donna MacMeans weaves a story full of passion, twists, and unexpected turns that makes you cheer for the unlikely couple every step of the way.

The author creates a tantalizing conflict of interests between hero and heroine and manages to keep the level of tension tight and intriguing throughout the novel. I loved the ingenious kissing scene between Cameron and Claire that is not only tantalizing but also shows how each character has changed through their connection to each other.

MacMeans clearly knows her setting well, and the descriptions of Scotland don't seem pat. They truly transported me and enriched every aspect of the story. Likewise, her secondary characters and subplots gave me an opportunity to learn more about Scotland and the business of whisky, a serious business in that part of the world and a perfect backdrop for two characters with such different feelings over the issue of alcohol.

If you love historical romance, great conflict and tension between hero and heroine, and a scenic, appealing Scottish setting, then you won't find a more enjoyable read than Donna MacMean's The Whisky Laird's Bed.

Having committed her energies to the issue of temperance, Claire Starke views alcohol as an evil to society, one she hopes to stamp out. Without terribly appealing looks and very little in the way of income, she's convinced herself a life of good works will satisfy her nearly as much as marriage and a family of her own. But when she's thrown into the path of Cameron MacPherson, she finds him unexpectedly appealing. Could a lady reformer and an unrepentant whisky laird be made for each other?

Book Blurb for The Whisky Laird's Bed

Lady of temperance, laird of temptation...

Claire Starke has no illusions about her future. As her father repeatedly reminded her, her looks would never win a husband, and her poverty makes her an even less suitable wife. Luckily, her comrades at the Rake Patrol have given her joy and comfort—enough to quell the dull ache for a family of her own. So, when fellow member Faith runs off to the Highlands, investigating a whisky distiller advertising for an English wife, Claire sees no choice but to save her friend from this intemperate and lustful man. But she didn’t expect the Highland laird to be so intriguing, or to begin questioning her own restraint…

Still reeling from the distillery accident which left him scarred and shaken, Cameron MacPherson has no plans to marry, even if his mother is determined to tie him to one of the British milquetoasts parading through his castle. But when Claire bursts upon the scene, hurling accusations about alcohol and ruin, he finds the reformer fascinating. The fact that she stands up to him when others shrink away is more than charming—this one has spirit and, to be honest, he wouldn’t mind drinking a deep draught of her…

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 5.00