The Psychic and the Sleuth

When proper Victorian detective Robert Court attends a seance to discern whether the distractingly handsome spiritualist Oliver Marsh is a fake, he is stunned to hear his cousin mentioned. Lily's murder weighs on Court and he is convinced it may not have been properly solved. In order to discover what Marsh might know of the incident, Court approaches him. Their attraction is instant and powerful, and as they give into that desire, they also begin to work together to solve the mystery of Lily's death.

THE PSYCHIC AND THE SLEUTH by Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon has so many elements to savor that it's hard to know where to begin. From pitch perfect evocation of the gas lit world of Victorian era London to the deliciously magnetic attraction between the story's psychic, Oliver Marsh, and its sleuth, Robert Court, the passion and mystery of the story hooked me immediately.

Robert and Oliver are the perfect example of the attraction of opposites, which heightens their need for each other. The mystery of the story is satisfying. The Victorian setting is appealing. Yet it's the romance between these two very different men, as hot and complex as it is, that makes THE PSYCHIC AND THE SLEUTH such a great read.

Book Blurb for The Psychic and the Sleuth

Trusting a psychic flash might solve a mystery.and lead to love.

Inspector Robert Court should have felt a sense of justice when a rag-and-bones man went to the gallows for murdering his cousin. Yet something has never felt right about the investigation. Robert's relentless quest for the truth has annoyed his superintendent, landing him lowly assignments such as foiling a false medium who's fleecing the wives of the elite.

Oliver Marsh plays the confidence game of spiritualism, though his flashes of insight often offer his clients some comfort. Despite the presence of an attractive, if sneering, non-believer at a s‚ance, he carries on-and experiences a horrifying psychic episode in which he experiences a murder as the victim.

There's only one way for Court to learn if the young, dangerously attractive Marsh is his cousin's killer or a real psychic: spend as much time with him as possible. Despite his resolve to focus on his job, Marsh somehow manages to weave a seductive spell around the inspector's straight-laced heart.

Gradually, undeniable attraction overcomes caution. The two men are on the case, and on each other, as they race to stop a murderer before he kills again.

Warning: Graphic language and hot male/male sex with light BDSM themes. Despite "Descriptions of Murderous Acts" perpetrated by an unhinged killer, resist the temptation to cover your eyes-you'll miss the good parts!

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.00