Prisoner of Love

Brothers in Arms, Book Eight

As a long-time reader of historical romance and a recent devotee of erotica with historical settings, Prisoner of Love by Samantha Kane has found a place in my heart as the best example of the genre I have read so far. I was impressed by Kane's ability to bring the historical setting fully alive without bogging down the story with too many details. Most impressive are Kane's three main characters: Wolf, Very, and Michael. They are the most complete and well-drawn characters I have encountered in a long time. Their triangle of need, passion, betrayal and trust is arousing and heart-wrenching. My desire to see these three characters find their happy ending kept me reading long into the night.

Very Thomas is a character who experiences trauma and is unable to leave her home for years, yet I admired her inner strength and fierce love for two very different men. Wolf Tarrant and Lord Michael Kensington are both strong male characters, yet Kane highlighted their vulnerability and the challenge they faced in sharing their love for Very and each other.

In Prisoner of Love, Samantha Kane delivers a story that is intelligent, emotionally complex and explicitly sensual in all the right places.

Book Blurb for Prisoner of Love

Veronica Thomas has been in love with two men since she was seventeen. One introduced her to passion. The other has shown her how to satisfy it. Now that she’s older, she still wants them both. Wolf Tarrant was more than willing to share Very with his best friend and lover, Lord Michael Kensington. But two years ago, Michael ran from the unconventional relationship growing between the three of them.

When Michael returns from America, things have changed drastically for all of them. Rushing headlong into a scorching, passionate reunion may be a bad idea. Michael’s secrets have the power to keep them apart forever, but Very and Wolf have secrets of their own. Held prisoner by their fears, the three struggle to overcome lies and mistrust to find the freedom to love one another as they have always desired. 

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 5.00