Mistletoe Menage

Molly Ann Wishdale's MISTLETOE MENAGE is a well-written erotic historical romance that did a great job of transporting me to Regency England and introducing me to an interesting trio of characters—the wealthy widow, Anne Blackburn, artist Guy Harper, and Anne's former love, Lord Edward Moore.

The pace of the story moved quickly and I found the plot engaging, but I finished the book feeling that I wanted more. I wanted to know the characters a little better, especially Anne. I wished for a few more details about her life and history so that I could connect with her on a deeper level. Perhaps that desire was merely due to the shorter length of the story. I did enjoy the characters and their romance enough to want to learn more about each of them.

I recommend MISTLETOE MENAGE for those seeking a short, well written, and very spicy historical read.

When wealthy and independent widow Anne Blackburn commissions a painting from Guy Harper, an artist known for his techniques as a lover as much as for his talents in portraiture, she finds that Guy has ulterior motives for seducing her. Guy's patron is pulling the strings and when he's revealed, will Anne find herself in the midst of a scandal or a blissful menage?

Book Blurb for Mistletoe Menage

It is 1816. Anne Blackburn is a wealthy and voluptuous thirty-two year old widow and she moves in the social circles of London’s ton.

Anne has sworn never to marry again. However, she yearns to find out more about the pleasures of the flesh and the passion she experienced six years ago before she married.

Edward Moore loved Anne. When he left London to seek his father’s blessing to marry her, Anne was approached by Lord Moore’s lawyer. He told her to forget Edward or he would be disinherited. She married Alfred Blackburn to set Edward free.

Now there is an artist in London with a mysterious patron. Mr. Guy Harper provides the ladies he paints with erotic extras. Anne commissions a portrait and gets more than she could have imagined in her wildest dreams.

But will her mistletoe ménage become a painful humiliation or lead to her very own happy ever after?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2015 3.50