Lord of Thieves

Ingela Hyatt's Lord of Thieves is a passionate retelling of the classic Robin Hood story. Though Robyn and his beloved Merrion are the main characters of this very romantic novel, many of the other popular characters of the Robin Hood tale are present too. Will Scarlet, the Sheriff of Nottingham and Guy of Gisbourne all play central roles, though Hyatt has also included new characters that bring a fresh and vibrant flavor to the oft told tale. An ally of Robyn's, the stunningly handsome Scottish Rogue is a character who is particularly difficult to forget. Also, Glythia, a young female member of Robyn's band of outlaws, is a rich and interesting character whose own story, though secondary to the romance between Robyn and Merrion, enriches the novel immensely.

One of the best aspects of the novel is that it is a true romance with a spotlight continually focused on the love between Robyn and Merrion. It manages to balance its other appealing elements of intrigue, mystery, and adventure without ever diminishing its focus on the intense attraction and love between the hero and heroine. As Robyn and Merrion struggle to overcome the misunderstandings and distrust between them, they must also battle the relentless pursuers who seek their destruction. Yet their love continues to blossom no matter how dire their circumstances and the development of their relationship is the key to every other aspect of the novel.

Ingela Hyatt deftly recreates the history of the medieval era of Robin Hood and brings Greenwood (think Sherwood Forest) alive with familiar characters as well as new. The romance between Merrion and Robyn is the story's heart, yet the novel's other characters are intriguing and colorful, adding to rather than detracting from its swift pace. Thankfully, Ms. Hyatt has not just retold the same old Robin Hood story, she has invested the tale with interesting new characters and brought fresh focus to the passionionate romance between Robyn and Merrion.

Book Blurb for Lord of Thieves

She is destined to hang...

Accused of murdering her husband, Lady Merrion de Beaufey is fated for the gallows, when the infamous outlaw--Robyn Hode--rescues her from a deadly hail of arrows. Unable to remember the night her husband died, Merrion races to discover the truth before Robyn realizes he's protecting a murderess. But there is something irresistible about the seductive outlaw... Can she trust him with her darkest secret?

Only he can save her...

Lord Roberte de Montichet has returned to England for one reason--to avenge his father's death, and clear his family name. Disguised as Robyn Hode, he rescues a woman escaping a band of murdering knights, only to discover it is none other than Lady Merrion--the woman who nearly destroyed him years earlier. Roberte yearns to succumb to the passion burning between them, but dare he trust her? Or will she betray him yet again?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 4.50