Desiring Lady Caro

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Desiring Lady Caro

The Marriage Game

In some ways Desiring Lady Caro by Ella Quinn is a traditional and quintessentially satisfying Regency romance read, but in other, thoroughly engaging, ways it took me completely by surprise. I loved the varied settings, from the palazzos of Venice through Austria and finally to Paris. I also appreciated Quinn's ability to infuse her story with serious subject matter and treat it with subtlety and sensitivity. Most of all, I loved her characters. Caro was a particularly likable heroine and Huntley's persistence and determination to protect her make him the perfect romance hero. Beyond her heroine and heroine, Quinn also populates her story with wonderful secondary characters like Caro's strong, determined godmother, Horatia.

Desiring Lady Caro provides everything lovers of Regency romance crave in terms of setting and period details while providing a story that features danger, adventure, and a second chance at love.

Gervais, Earl of Huntley is determined to avoid marriage as long as he can, and Lady Caroline Martindale believes she can never marry. But when a dangerous marquis sets his sights on Caro, Huntley will do anything to protect her, even if it means risking both their hearts by taking her as his wife.

Book Blurb for Desiring Lady Caro

"Quinn writes classic Regency romance at its best!" --Shana Galen

Ella Quinn's bachelors are clever, charismatic--and determined to remain single. Yet one by one, they find that fate--and certain irresistible women--cast doubt on even the best laid plans. . .

Haunted by her past, Lady Caroline Martindale fled England for the solace of her godmother's palazzo in Venice. But if Caro was hoping to escape the charms of marriage-minded men, she's come to the wrong place. And she'll resort to extreme measures to spurn the advances of a dangerously determined Venetian marquis. . .

Though most of his friends have married off, Gervais, Earl of Huntley, remains bent on eluding the parson's mousetrap. But his convictions begin to falter when he arrives in Venice and meets his match in the alluring Lady Caro. What began as a hastily concocted lie to save her from the marquis may become a chance for them both to relinquish their fear--and embrace what they can no longer deny. . .

Praise for The Seduction of Lady Phoebe

"A marvelous find for Regency romance readers." --Grace Burrowes, New York Times bestselling author

"Let yourself be seduced by this sexy mix of spies, smugglers, and happily ever afters." --Sally MacKenzie

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Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 4.50