A Song at Twilight

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A Song at Twilight

A Song at Twilight by Pamela Sherwood is one of those romance novels that you savor all the way through and know you will sample again. It's "a keeper," as they say, featuring two rich, complex characters and presenting a real dilemma between the hero and heroine. It's rare to see a historical romance address the difficulties associated with divorce in the 19th century so poignantly, never shying away from the issues social stigma or emotional challenges inherent in such choices. Sherwood handles the topic deftly.

I also enjoyed Pamela Sherwood's historical romance voice immensely. Her dialogue was as sparkling as her narrative, and I particularly enjoyed her use of poetry and pieces of literature at the beginning of every chapter. Not only did they set the theme for the chapter, but they enhance the bridge to the past that every historical romance attempts to build.

As a romance reader, I expect a happy ending, but I can't recall a hero and heroine I've encountered lately that deserved it as much as Sophie and Robin.

Celebrated chanteuse Sophie Tresilian falls in love in her youth with Robin Pendarvis, but having him for her own proves more difficult than she could have imagined. Through years, scandal, and seemingly insurmountable challenges, Sophie and Robin must find a way to recapture the love they discovered one magical New Year's Eve.

Book Blurb for A Song at Twilight

Sophie Tresilian is the toast of Victorian England, desired by countless men but unwilling to commit to any. Though she has fame and fortune, she lost her heart years before. She'd loved Robin Pendarvis since they were children...but a family scandal drove them apart. Now he's back, and seeing him again revives all the old pain—and all the old passion. Unable to deny the love that still burns between them, they will risk everything to be together once more. Will the tragedy that ruined their past destroy their future as well?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 4.50